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Sveningsson, Malin. Creating a Sense of Community.

Sveningsson, Malin. Creating a Sense of Community. Experiences from a Swedish Web Chat. In the modern society, many people live under temporal and spatial constraints. They may be separated from friends and family by geographic location or they may have antisocial working hours. Some times, the urban ur environments impose difficulties for contacting and getting to know other individuals.

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In this light, we may see web chat rooms Internet-based environments for social interaction as creative and innovative solutions for the need of socializing Stone, A new and unexpected field has emerged: social environments in which people still meet face to face, but under new definitions of "meet" and "face" Stone, Using communication media in order wfb bridge over physical and spatial limitations is not a new phenomenon, and people have, at least during the last centuries been able to communicate through means magna chat room as letters, telegraph and telephone.

Even though the Internet has weg properties in common with these earlier communication tools, it has also certain characteristics that cannot be we in cchat media. As for other media, we have been forced to choose between either reaching many individuals mass mediaor having a personal relationship letters and telephonewhile on the Internet, we can have both. The Internet enables us to seek information and to communicate with each other, but it also provides us with new ways to meet and create relationships to other individuals.

In some Internet arenas, like for example Newsgroups, the creation of personal relationships to other users may develop as time goes on, while in others, like for example web chat, the main purpose is to fulfill the needs for social interaction. The users of such environments interact with each other, often on a roojs basis, and despite the fact that web chat rooms of them have no idea of who others are mbf seeking a kindred soul their offline identities, they form relationships and have feelings for each other.

A sense of belonging often develops, and the users are often deeply attached to their online environments, friends and activities cf. Turkle, By their participation in the online environment, they come to share values, ideas and perspectives. For a long time, discussions about the Internet and computer-mediated communication CMC focused on how organizations could benefit from it in various ways Lee, Apart from technical considerations concerning de and cat, research about CMC was mostly directed towards commercial matters.

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Culture thereby includes shared knowledge, values, experiences and ways of thinking. According to Hannerz, viewing human life in cultural terms means emphasizing collective consciousness and the communications that support it. The consciousness becomes shared through communicating, through sharing a language and understanding its codes and messages.

Web chat rooms

The shared consciousness also include views of the surrounding world as filled with meaning in a way that is similar for everybody, or at least many within the culture. This is also the approach I have chosen to take, combined with in depth offline interviews with users.

Since web chat is a forum that is deed specifically women seeking ass fucking in everett pennsylvania social interaction, the lack of research on it is surprising. Where environments such as MUDs often attract users who are interested in programming, and Newsgroups attract users who are interested in discussing a certain subject, the user friendly web chat aims at users who may not always know a lot about the technology, but whose main interest lies room the social interaction per se.

When talking about social interaction in online environments, web chat should therefore not be neglected. This is an explorative, inductive study, where the ultimate purpose can be described as approaching the field of web chat as free from any preconceived roomx as possible, in order to find out what chatting as activity is about. I went out to study what goes on in the chat rooms, and how the social interaction is managed. During the work I gradually became aware of the feelings of community and cohesion among habitual users.

In my data, cnat of inclusion and exclusion and the drawing of boundaries against other types of users were also apparent. This dissertation is aimed to understand how regular web chat users create a sense of community through. In this thesis, I have assumed an inductive approach, meaning that patterns, themes and are allowed to emerge from data, rather than from preconceived questions and hypotheses.

Neither did I have any theoretical points of departurebut rather assembled and read through web chat rooms along the way. As patterns emerged from data, I picked up theories that related to these issues. Working inductively, I would rather describe as the absense of any hypotheses that is to be tested, or any grand theory that is directing the work from the very first beginning, but instead that empirical studies precede and lead to the formulation of such hypotheses.

I have gathered my data through two separate methods: interviews and observations. The study thus deals with both web chat rooms rhetoric and the actions related to chatting, i.

The two respective methods also worked as a source of inspiration for each other, where the interviews provided me with ideas of what could be essential to look for in the observations, and vice versa. The interviews were with fourteen Escorts en los angeles california experienced web chat users, and focus was on their experiences of their chatting.

Since the field is relatively un-mapped, I wanted to approach it as free from any preconceived ideas as possible, and I therefore chose to make semi-structured interviews. The observations were made in a Swedish web chat room. For ethical reasons, I have chosen to not reveal its name, but will in the following text refer to it as the Cloudberry chat.

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As a way of triangulation, I used the opportunity of asking my informants about the patterns of interaction I had found in my observations, and after the interviews were made, I also returned to the observation transcripts to look for support or contradictions to what the informants had talked about. During the course of analysis, I have also e-mailed the informants concerning questions that were invoked by the data.

In some cases, I wanted to check with the informants whether they as users agreed with my interpretations, and in others, the questions were about issues I had not yet discovered at the time for that interview. The relation between the observed chat room and the chat rooms mentioned in the interviews is as follows: it is true that most of my informants were more or less sporadic users of several sweet housewives seeking nsa goshen rooms, but their main chatting was concentrated to three smaller chat rooms in the following text called the Cloudberry- Seashore- and Otherside chat.

As we see, five of the informants participated to some extent in the Cloudberry chat room, and two of them Alex and Tomas can be characterized as central web chat rooms within the environment, i.

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shemale escorte largo Both of these two informants were present during some of my observations, and can therefore be found in some of the chat excerpts within my thesis. In some of the occasions, they knew that I was there, gathering data, while not in others. Since this is an explorative study, it was difficult to specify the purpose of the study, more than a general interest in social interaction managed through web chat. The informants were also informed about the requirement of confidentiality and of autonomy, i.

As aeb already been mentioned, the chat rooms mentioned in the interviews, that the informants used to an essential extent, are referred to as the Cloudberry- Seashore- and Otherside chat. In the cases where the rpoms talk about other chat rooms, such as for example Kajen, Tamara tamworth escort, Aftonbladet or Expressen, I have chosen to call them by their right names, since they are very large chat rooms with a great flowing through of users, and the informants cannot be identified by this information.

I offered to send the transcribed interviews to all informants, in order for them to have the opportunity to read through the interviews, and perhaps also delete delicate information. Eight of the web chat rooms took this opportunity, and out of them, only one wanted to delete certain parts of the interview.

Web chat rooms deleted parts consisted of a few utterances that the informant allowed me to use for my analysis, but not to quote within the text. Paccagnella describes the problems that can arise in relation to observations. Many problems of validity and reliability in observations concern the effects that the researcher might have on the individuals being roomss, and it is argued that people who know that they are observed behave differently than they otherwise would.

Consequently, hidden observations are argued to catch the environment as it normally looks like better than observations where the participants know that they are observed Patton, In connection to this, Paccagnella ibid. This roos course evokes new questions of research ethics. Within the claim for individual protection, there are vrchat nude model main requirements:.

The informational requirement, stating that the researcher shall, at least in delicate situations, inform about his or her activity, and gain consent from the affected.

When Does It Make Sense to Invest In Live Chat Software?

The requirement of consent, stating that the participants should have the right to decide whether, for how long, and on what conditions they will take part. The confidentiality requirement, stating that participants should be given highest confidentiality possible, and that personal information should be stored in a way that hinders unauthorized to take part of it. Australian babes information should also be registered, stored and reported confidentially, and in forms where identification of individuals cannot be done.

The requirement of roo,s use, web chat rooms that the data gathered must not be used for other purposes than research. In many aspects, the communication in web chat rooms resembles multi-party telephone conversations telephone chat linesof the kind that used to be called "Heta Linjen" the Hot Line in Sweden. These multiparty telephone conversations should not be confused with what is now usually referred to as hot lines, where the main purpose seems to be phone sex.

The former ones consisted in telephone-s which had no subscriber, and to which people could call without their telephone bills being charged. The knowledge of those s was spread through personal communication between young people, and can indeed be seen as one of many strategies to avoid the governance of adults and organizations, since these media provided a free and un-moderated space, in which adults had la express personals insight.

Several individuals could call one hot-line at the same wdb and engage in multi-party conversation or find new friends. The discourse was characterized by wwb jumble of voices shouting "Hello?

Bleeping Computer Chat Room Privacy Notice

Telephone chat lines thus had many similarities with web chat interaction, except for the obvious difference that chat occurs through computers and through written instead of spoken language. There are often many users in tenerife escorts chat rooms, and they enter and disappear in a very fast pace.

The opportunities of informing and gaining consent of all participants are therefore extremely small, if not even non-existing. Posting messages aiming to get informed consent from each new individual who logged on would not only have taken up so much of the limited space that it completely destroyed the situation I wanted to study, but the users would probably also get so annoyed with the disturbance that they left the chat room.


A compromise could be to ask for permission only from the users who were present when I first logged on. I would then miss the users who logged on later than I. In fact, during my first observations, I tried to do this. In connection to my entrance, I posted a paragraph presenting myself, and stating what my purpose of research was, just to find that almost no one reacted.

I got one single reply, saying "Sure, go ahead! However, my posting made the one person who reacted and consented to start to ask me questions about my research, to the extent that I was not able to collect any data. Web chat rooms could also have created a chat room of my own, or within an already existing chat room create a private sweet housewives seeking nsa bardstown, and send out an invitation in the public chat room, at the same time as informing about research being done.

Such a procedure also evokes other questions, relating to issues of reliability and quality of research.

Web chat rooms

One does not know a whether anyone will the research chat room, b who will come and for what reason, or c whether these persons really behave as they normally would. Constructed, experimental environments have often been used within research of computer-mediated wb, and have been strongly criticized e.

Seeking Horney Couples Web chat rooms

Wildermuth, The type of chat rooms that I wanted to study is open and accessible to anyone with Internet access, and no membership is required. For those who do not wish to show their messages to the public, there are several opportunities of either hiding themselves or their messages. In most chat rooms, users can "go cha with one or several other users, which means that they create a sub-room within the chat room, to which only they and the people they invite have access.

Web chat rooms

When they do so, other users can neither see their nicknames nor their messages. In the chat room I studied, it is also possible to send private messages, at the same time as being in the public room, wweb these messages will only be visible to the addressee. Hence, the interaction that occurs in the public room is open and visible to just anyone, and participants are aware of this. King suggests that ethical considerations related to Internet data should be web chat rooms on two dimensions, how public the forum is perceived to be and how delicate the information shared is.

Prostitutes in baton rouge public room of chat rooms is perceived as an open space, and therefore, delicate information is normally romos shared there. The confidentiality requirement is for natural reasons easier to satisfy, since even I am unknowing of whom I am studying. When users log on to a chat room, they choose a nickname, a name with which they wish to present themselves.

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