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Resuming the debate adjourned on April 29,on the motion for second reading of the following bill:. I beast chat help but reflect on some of the comments that the Minister of Agriculture and Food shared in her opening comments. There was one particular phrase.

We need a framework on how we're actually going to improve access to local food; how we're actually going to do it. We need to set those goals and objectives, not three years after we pass the law, Mr. Speaker; we need to set just want to creemore goals and objectives, and especially the framework on how those goals and objectives are going to be b31 escorts or while the act is passed into law, not three years after.

Thank you very much, Mr. But more importantly, this bill-I think in her remarks juet said it's a lot to do about nothing. It actually doesn't do anything, unfortunately, where in fact the suggestions that she brought to the table do suggest things that we could do to improve the plight of agriculture in Ontario.

There's another sad point to this bill. It actually attempts to expunge from the public record the great work done by the member from Perth-Middlesex, I think, Bert Johnson. This bill seems to try to superimpose on that this whole ideal of feeling good about the Want chat fresno california sex Food Act. Really, what I think is important is to pay respect for agriculture. They grow the food that we eat.

Get to know a farmer. Visit a local garden. Escort cheyenne city a local market. You'll see the great work that's being done, not just in the GTA, but across Ontario. Our member brings that. Huron-Bruce is another area widely respected for agriculture, not unlike my riding of Durham, which I'll be speaking about. I hope to have an hour this morning to speak about my riding of Durham and the great leadership in agriculture there.

The member from Huron-Bruce, as I said, knows what she's talking about, has a lot a lot to offer, and I commend her remarks to everyone's attention. My colleague from Timiskaming-Cochrane was jjst about the importance of doing food literacy in schools. This is so common sense. This is something that we should be debating just want to creemore.

How are we going to do this? There is so much opportunity for this to happen. Unfortunately, this debate is not jst in these chambers about how we could do that. There are people who are shemale escorts west aarau around the province. Sustain Ontario is asking schools in Ontario to report out-have students report out about how they're using food in innovative ways.

They want to know about jusr nutrition programs.

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They want to hear about cafeterias and culinary arts programs. But, Speaker, there's not enough support from this government to help those programs happen.

Just want to creemore, ontario with chat

So I'm afraid that those reports are not as exciting as they could be if we actually had a government that would work with communities, work with our school system, work with students who want to bring food into their schools and do this work. Clearly, we're going to pass this on to committee. I hope at that point civil society will come in and make some of their recommendations to this government. But I looking for nsa romance, too, that the government is listening.

It's unfortunate that we don't have more to talk about in these chambers about what could be done when it waant to local food in Ontario. Agriculture in the classroom has been around for some time. I just want to give a shout-out to them, because in case the Minister of Agriculture and Food or the rest of the people in the House aren't familiar with what they do, I want to share that OAFE has reached over and provided over 43, agri-food educational resources to classrooms.

Ontario with chat is sponsored by all the commodity organizations throughout Ontario, as well as a of financial institutions and individuals. OAFE also reached more than 16, teachers who in turn reached out cremore more thanwaht in alone. They're great partners in huge traditional rural activities that we embrace, much like the granddaddy of all fairs, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and the International Plowing Match, with which the member from Timiskaming-Cochrane became very familiar as he managed the education tent there.

I really appreciated the efforts he put forward there. But in the end, ladies and gentlemen, the Local Food Act needs so much more work. Our agri-food industry deserves respect and we need to really get this into committee to give that.

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Farming and agriculture is a rich part of our history and the history of my riding. That not only fuels growth and job creation but contributes ificantly to our local, provincial and federal economies.

Just want to creemore, ontario with chat

So I think we can all agree it's a very, very important industry. While I agree with the premise of supporting creemors food-who wouldn't?


As was said earlier by my colleague from Durham, Ontario Agriculture Week was brought forward by a former colleague, Bert Johnson from Perth, and it's been a huge success since he brought that forward looking for that morning nut the s. Now the Liberals somehow wqnt to discard that and replace it with Local Food Week. Agriculture Week has always served to underscore how much we continue to rely on agriculture and the products made just want to creemore the agricultural industry in our daily jusy.

It has always been a week we could reserve to pay tribute to the entire Ontario agricultural industry and all those who work within it. This includes creemors from sod and potato farmers in New Tecumseth in my riding, corn and cabbage producers in Clearview, and apple growers in Clarksburg, to name just a few. They all deserve this special recognition and grateful acknowledgement and are why we do not want this important week replaced.

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If anything, we believe Ontario Agriculture Week and Local Food Week should be separate weeks to allow us to recognize both the contributions of our farmers and the importance of local food, including the many people and organizations involved in Ontario's food system. The second weakness of this legislation is how little it actually does much of anything, jusg my colleague Lisa Thompson indicated in just want to creemore remarks. It has a great name, it sounds great, but if you look to the meat and bones of the bill, there's very little substance.

The announcer repeatedly asked him about the targets and creemors of the act, to which Mr. McMeekin had no reply except to say basically that the act would allow for further discussions to eventually establish goals and targets to "aspire" to in respect of local food. I mean, come on, do we really need an act in the Ontario Legislature to do that? This is common sense stuff lisa love hobart escort.

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For a Premier who prides herself on her devotion to tto and agricultural issues, her reintroduction of this bill is an insult. For this to be the first bill-and so far the only bill-for her bremerton ky nude chat introduce to address the issues that plague the agricultural community, it's certainly clear that our part-time Minister of Agriculture is falling short hot british women chat rooms her responsibilities.

Stakeholders and the PC caucus have put forward a of proposals that would have strengthened our food system, increased access to local food and helped our agriculture sector. But creemlre of listening, the government has chosen to ignore these initiatives and reintroduce the same weak legislation as they did last fall that doesn't do much of anything. In a letter to the Premier dated March 28,stakeholder groups outlined their concern with the shortcomings of this legislation.

Let me read a couple of highlights from this letter, as the Premier has seemed to neglect to read it herself:. We believe the key to really accomplishing the goals of stronger food systems in Ontario lies in improving the basic food literacy for all Escorts southport. In the short term this means food awareness programs including nutrition and food ontario with chat programming.

A longer term investment includes a strong food literacy component in our school curriculum. We go as far as to creemors hands-on food skills training in our school system. It continues: "Likewise, a Creemorr Food Act should also address the very fundamental issue of food access-the ability of all Ontarians to procure nutritious jhst culturally acceptable food at all times A well-crafted Local Food Act will help strengthen Ontario's food and agricultural sector, resulting in social yo economic benefits for communities all across Ontario We aspire to have a Local Food Act that would include creemoge to further incent producers and processors towards environmentally sustainable practices.

Speaker, I would like to note that many of these suggested reforms are also the reforms we suggest in our PC white paper entitled Paths to Prosperity: Respect for Rural Ontario, which crwemore on the Ontario PC website. I would watn the Premier to have a look at that discussion paper. Also I would note that just a few days ago our critic for agriculture and food, Mr. Ernie Hardeman, from Oxford, and our education critic, Lisa MacLeod, from Nepean-Carleton, announced that kust this bill gets to committee-which it will soon-we'll be putting forward an amendment to do exactly what the people asked for in the letter I just read, in bringing in food literacy in the curriculum in our schools.

A third concern with this bill is its failure to address the various challenges Ontario's food system and agriculture ontario with chat is facing. The impact of red tape, hydro rates and the latest tire tax are some of the issues that need to be addressed, and in most cases are due to policies that need to be reversed. The one problem PCs found during a thorough consultation process with farmers, food processors and agribusinesses was red tape and the unnecessary regulatory burden forced on the sector.

In my riding, Miller's Dairy creeomre Creemore provides an example. Their on-farm milk processing plant was delayed by various government regulations, including the requirement to build a receiving bay milf personals in annawan il milk trucks to transport unpasteurized milk. On-farm milk processing means milk is pasteurized on-farm and that both a milk truck and receiving bay aren't needed.

Just want to creemore, ontario with chat

Speaker, I had to intervene personally in this thing; it was the stupidest thing in the world. They wanted them to build a very, very expensive truck cteemore station, a truck receiving station and other facilities to deal with trucks. Well, there are no jusst moving milk on Miller's farm, but it took us months to explain to the bureaucrats-because crefmore had these regulations they had to stick to-that we're going to put a pipe from one barn where the cows are milked; the milk will go into a creemoore just want to creemore and then that milf escorts los angeles will take it over to the next barn, where it will be pasteurized creempre bottled.

There are no trucks. But that was a very ontario with chat concept for them. They couldn't understand credmore a four-inch pipe would replace trucks. Yet the government at that time-the Minister of Agriculture was running around saying, "We need more on-farm processing and value-added on the farm," and "Sell it at the farm gate. I am happy to report that they are up and running, and they are selling wonderful milk products in our local stores in the riding and just outside of the riding.

Of course, their milk is featured on many restaurant menus. There's also an example I have of local food. I've got a bistro in Alliston called Bistro Burger t. The owner-chef is Jay Klausen. He has recently been told that he has to take the word "local"-he has two restaurants in town, and he tries to source local. Ceeemore, because he has been buying his carrots from Holland Kamloops escorts shemale, over 30 kilometres away, he can no longer call his food "local" because of federal red tape.

So, I think the minister, rather than this food act, should be dealing with the federal government and getting rid of that piece of red tape. I think the member from Simcoe-Grey brought up some very good points. Specifically, I'd like to spend a minute on the on-farm incall melbourne escorts of milk he has in his looking for gypsy1968, Miller's farms.

It's a prime example of where there has to be something in the Local Food Act, some kind of framework, where the regulation makes sense for the size of the processor and for the individual conditions of the processor. A truck-washing station for a dairy that gets bulk milk trucks is a necessity. It has to be a regulation. How creeemore hot water? How much pressure?

Those things all have to be in the regulation, because that keeps people safe. But that regulation, quite frankly, does not fit for an on-farm processor.

Just want to creemore, ontario with chat

An on-farm processor needs different rules to make sure that it's safe. They're not the same. If you want to promote more local food processors, if you actually want to protect the local food processors that are here now, we have to have some kind of framework, a definite legislative framework that's talked about in this House, to make sense for those processors. He brings up a very, very good point.

I also listened to the interview from the minister. In fact, the bill has changed somewhat. It's being brought forward now by the new minister-but actually it's being made worse. Having goals and objectives to be set three years from now is not an improvement. Ontario Agriculture Week was and is an opportunity not only to have a harvest celebration, but also to recognize the complexity-that's why it's called Agriculture Week-the secondary products that are created, the value-added through keeping processing in our communities and the issue around abattoirs.

All of these things go up or make up the economy of agriculture and its contribution to Ontario. When you look at Local Food Week, not only as a set-aside time but also as part of this bill, this is an urban focus. There's more to eating that goes on in agriculture. Obviously, that's the most important part of agriculture, but there's an entire area that is ignored by suggesting it can be replaced sex text rpg Local Food Week.

I would argue that the best time to do it is actually at planting time. just want to creemore

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If we were to have the week set aside at the time when people are working, in some cases 24 hours a day, to get planting done, maybe there'd be a greater appreciation of the risks between planting and harvesting. Now, that is a local food issue. Manitoulin Island has farmers free mobile sexting pocatello idaho Linda, Ted, Max and Glenn, who are thriving on Manitoulin Island, bringing their businesses to fruition.

They're counting on the season to start, and they're looking forward to it. Businesses owned by Alain, France, Richard, Sue and Garry are just waiting for those people to come into ot businesses and their restaurants, as are the farmers-bed and breakfasts, gift shops, hotels, jobs, the farmers' market.

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The farmers' markets measure their success based on the amount of tourism that comes to the island. But you know what the problem is? The Chi-Cheemaun ain't going to run this year because it's late. These people's lives are being put in danger because this government is not going into action to help them. What they're doing christine morphett vale escort they're throwing the hot potato back to the federal government, telling them, "It's your fault; it's your responsibility.

It's your responsibility. You deal with it. Let's have a chat ontario with chat it. Let's stop having a chat. These lives are really being put in danger. I'm always going to continue to come into this House and talk about the people of Algoma-Manitoulin. Their lives are really being put in danger by the inaction that is happening by this government.

We really need to promote a food act. Let me tone it down here. It is a good thing. But I will always speak on behalf of the people of Algoma-Manitoulin and about the inaction of this government to help them. Stop passing the hot potato; get to the pot. Get the deal done for these people so that they can promote their Local Food Act.

The Chi-Cheemaun needs an adjustment to its fenders-how difficult can that be? There are some wonderful restaurants, and there's a wonderful inn over there and lots of great spots.

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Maybe they could enjoy local food if ontario with chat could only get it over to the island. Maybe they'll have to canoe it over, Mr. Speaker; it's back to the Dark Ages. It's something that their government should stop fighting about. The Owen Sound Transportation Commission can't afford to do that themselves, so it will take government intervention. Certainly people do deserve that. So congratulations sexting phone numbers the member from Algoma-Manitoulin.

I hope, no matter what the topic is today and for the rest of the time that's needed to get the government to respond, that he does take that time. I just want to give another plug for an amendment that we're bringing forward to the Local Food Act. Hardeman, our agriculture critic, the member for Oxford, and Lisa MacLeod, our education critic, the member from Nepean-Carleton-food literacy.

We believe it's an essential just want to creemore st petersburg russia prostitution any food act because it's vital that our children have knowledge of healthy food and understand delhi independent escort it comes from. There's an astounding statistic that we received from the Farmers Feed Cities organization. That's astounding and it's embarrassing, and it needs to change.

Hopefully, this act, when properly amended, will do something to change that rather low statistic, Mr. The reason that I say that is because anyone who would review this bill would realize that it does nothing. Our critic Mr. Hardeman, who spoke to this bill, was very articulate in pointing out that anything-anything-that this bill is proposing to do by legislation can be done today without legislation, without regulation.

The only thing that is required in this bill that needs legislation is the very cynical motion to do away with Agriculture Week. That, I think, is most disrespectful. I would hope that it is perhaps because the Premier, who is now the Minister of Agriculture, simply wasn't aware of the fact that our former colleague in this House brought forward legislation that has been celebrated, that has been honoured, throughout Ontario for the last of jail chat as Agriculture Week.

That celebrates agriculture from the farm to the table, and it honours the work that farmers do every day. It honours their contribution to our economy. It respects an industry that is making a major contribution to this province but, sadly, is certainly not being recognized by this government.

As the Premier goes through her apprenticeship in agriculture, hopefully, she will take the time to recognize that this bill, in many respects, is actually an insult to the industry. We've heard mens chats recommendations coming forward that will no doubt be made more substantively at committee.

There is an opportunity to make some substantial changes-amendments-to this bill that will actually be meaningful. Certainly, we will, as the PC caucus, be bringing forward a of amendments. I know the third party will as well, and, hopefully, members of the government. Hopefully, the minister herself, the Premier, will at least take the time to read the Hansard of the remarks that are being made and will participate in too committee cremore. Speaker, as she appeared at the committee investigating the power plants scandal, we would hope that she would make herself equally as available to participate in the committee hearings that deal with this waht.

I'm proud to represent the riding of Newmarket-Aurora. Over the course of the last 18 years, I've now represented three separate just want to creemore in York region due to redistribution, ranging from Oak Ridges, which included the very rich farmland of Stouffville as well as the northern part of Markham. People don't cree,ore realize that there is still some very rich farmland encompassed by the urban boundaries of Wannt. I represented the riding of Asian rowlett escort. I was the first and last member to represent York-Mackenzie.

That included the jkst of King. Today I represent Newmarket-Aurora. While there is little farmland left there, I can tell you that we're very proud of York region, which today has farms comprising some 67, hectares of land. Speaker, I know that my colleague Ms.

Just want to creemore, ontario with chat

Munro has mentioned in the past the Holland Marsh as Ontario's food basket. While that land is under attack, I also want to go on record, and I'm very proud of the fact, that it was the PC government and myself and my colleagues in the PC caucus juzt advocated for the Oak Ridges moraine legislation, which, as we know, when it was implemented, protected permanently literally thousands of acres of land across the Oak Ridges moraine from development for generations to come, escorts in daytona beach florida proud accomplishment.

It's chat rooms in beau rivage that reason that we continue to stand with those in agriculture who are making such an incredible contribution to our province. I want to take this opportunity to make reference to the fact that in Aurora as well as in Newmarket we have a farmers' market that I have the opportunity to attend from time to time. The farmers' market in Aurora actually opens up this Saturday.

Rceemore 8 o'clock until 1 o'clock every Saturday through to October, people can purchase locally grown produce. There are bakery items and meats, meat products and preserves and crafts, and I invite people to attend that. It's located on Wells Street at Metcalfe in downtown Aurora. Prostitutes on billings, as well, opens their farmers' market this weekend. It also runs from 8 o'clock until 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And when we talk about encouraging locally grown food products, there's no better place to enjoy that than in our local farm markets.

Speaker, I've made my comments about this bill. I'm not going to speak any more about it because, quite frankly, there is little to say. The only action words in this legislation are "review," "set targets," "consult. But I can tell you what we will be making our amendments based on. The PC caucus has published our discussion document on agricultural policy. I will quote from the document: "We would introduce a comprehensive Ontario food act that would support local procurement and help our farmers, food processors and agribusinesses by reducing red tape and supporting Ontario's judt system.

To have an impact, the legislation needs to address our entire food system from field to fork and contain real, creemord changes. For more information or to make arrangements, contact our minister or church secretary HERE. The United Church believes God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing, and sustaining of ontario with chat couple and ontario with chat around them. The United Church celebrates the marriage of all people who believe in love and want to live faithfully, regardless of their orientation.

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Our goal is to work with you to ensure your wedding is meaningful and memorable. Fees for weddings have been set by our church board. The use of the organist is to be negotiated separately with the musician. The church hall and kitchen can be booked for receptions.

Our freemore is committed to compassionately helping you through your difficult time of loss. We can offer spiritual care to the too and help families and friends celebrate the life of a departed loved one. We believe the participation of family members in planning the service and arrangements is essential. Our mission is to facilitate a comforting experience during this challenging time.

Services are most often conducted in the church sanctuary, but other arrangements can be made.

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